Monday, June 3, 2013

Here is the Dear Jane quilt I made all in Civil War Reproduction fabrics

Sorry realized after posting this is the unquilted top but I have actually finished it and it now belongs to my son and daughter in law who have a great appreciation and love for such items.


  1. Wow! That is fantastic Lynette! Can you give us a rundown on what makes the fabrics "civil war"?

  2. I find it difficult to pin point in words as they vary a lot.
    They are reproductions of the fabric produced during the American civil war.
    The dyes that were available then tend to govern the colours. Many of them tend to be muted but then there are some very bright yellows and bright poison greens and there is also a whole lot termed double pinks. Probably people associate smaller prints but these can be flowers, geometric or even little pictures that are called converstion prints. The best thing is to look up someone like Barbara Brackman who is a quilt historian and see the fabrics she has produced. She has a wonderful blog where she posts weekly on the topic
    Also google Judie Rothermel and Jo Marston who produce wonderful civil war reproduction fabrics


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