Saturday, June 29, 2013

May and June Hexies, from and to Portugal

Hi friends
I´m feeling a little worried because I get no news from my partners, specially Beverly, to whom I sent May flowers on 13 May.....!
I´ve e_mailed her twice but.... no answer.

Also June flowers sent to Cathy. By the same time I´ve sent a pack to New Zealand and it got there a long time ago....

On the other side, May flowers from Ros UK and June´s from Alana (Australia)... not yet in Lisbon...
and I know they have been sent a long time ago, also.
Did they met on the way and decided to go on Holiday????


  1. Hi Ana marie,
    I hope you hear from your partners soon. The flowers are really adorable. I know how you feel. I have not heard from the flowers I sent either. I tried to email before I made them and after but no response. Maybe they went on holiday too. They haven't come back to me so that is a good sign I think! Great job on your flowers . They are pretty. :)

    1. Thanks Jan
      You know that Beverly just e_mailed me 3 hours ago. Flowers arrived TODAY! 45 days later!
      Even Flower Holidays have an END!!!!

  2. That's a whole lot of pretty flowers. I'm so happy to hear that you've heard from Beverly and that she received the flowers. I recently received a letter sent first class from Louisiana to my home in Yukon that took 30 days to get here. And that's on the same continent!!

    1. Yes Janet, it can take longer but, since we are not "that young" anymore, we have learned to be more patient...
      I´ll send a mail to you.

  3. These flowers are super cute and adorable!!
    They'll make anyone who gets them really happy

  4. Hi Ana

    Your hexies from Australia were posted on 14 June so they should now only be a day or so away.

    Hope they arrive soon.


    1. Hi Alana
      Your / mine hexies have arrived in Lisbon. I'll be there in a week.


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