Tuesday, June 4, 2013

My garden

I've been very slack with communication and posting photos, so I thought I should at least post a photo of my garden!  It's the first time my flowers have all been together, as I like to keep them in their envelopes so I can remember where they came from.

Here is my cherry blossom garden:

I'm always interested to see how people have interpreted my "pink" theme.  Several of the flowers that have arrived are not what I would have thought of but I love them just the same!

Here are the flowers I received before I decided on my cherry blossom theme:
There are some beautiful ones in there, just not sure what I'm going to do with them yet ;)

And here is my stack of cherry blossoms once I packed them up.  I thought it looked really pretty so wanted to share.
Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my garden, and thanks in advance to those who will in the future.

I forget how long I've been in this group until I pull out my box of squishes and realise how many flowers I've collected!


  1. How nice to see your whole collection and yes the pinks look very pretty stacked up together. I think I see two flowers that I made in the second photo... the pink with green centre and the red with red/blue centre.

    1. It's always fun seeing your work in someone else's photo. Kinda like the "I can see my house from here" in an airplane or from a lookout ;)

  2. Beautiful pink flowers! I forgot to take photos but I have you for June and your flowers are off to you in today's mail.

  3. Dont they all look wonderful together

  4. Goodness these are all sew very pretty together!!


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