Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Catching up with thank you's ... from Lara ... part 2!

About time I posted my lovely hexies from April - June!

Lovely hexies from Karen in April - I just adore the bunnies!  And the lovely bright card will make it into one of my crafty projects I'm sure :)

May brought these beautiful hexies from Judith in Texas, there's a bit of an Aboriginal painting theme with the dots which I love - and look at that lovely Queen Mother singleton hexie!

And in June I received these very pretty hexies from Jane, along with a gorgeous quilty card reminding me of summer in our cool WA winter.

Thank you ladies so much, these hexies are awesome and a lovely addition to my garden. xxx

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  1. They are all such bright and happy colours! I love them. Are you the queen mother?


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