Sunday, August 11, 2013

Flowers From and to Portugal - 2

Finally I have news from Cathy Thorgrimson, confirming arrival of my June flowers. Also Beverly Kirk confirmed reception of May Flowers (this took 45 days from Lisbon to Austin....!
My July flowers to Anne-Lise Brinkhard arrived safe and only in 4/5 days....  Sorry she can not taste the sweet cherries!

Meantime I´ve received flowers from Alana and since she only post a sneak peek, here is a complete photo

Three days ago I´ve sent my August flowers to Cindy Harris....   Lets hope it doesn´t take that long!
And, as usual only a sneak peak.....!


  1. Cherries and mushrooms - interesting combo :) Love the Kaleidoscope one you received.


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