Friday, August 23, 2013

Why stick a little name tag into back of hexie...???

Why might this be of increasing importance to me..... a woman of 60 yrs??? LOL...   Well -- a to and from sticker comes in handy!   I sit at my desk at work and I am able to be tiny name tags.....

Thanks to Pat Battison (UK) for her lovely hexagons -- I know they were blue and yellow !

 I cherish your note-card....   tucked pretty into my purse for several weeks.... a good feeling!

But a'las -- I don't see the hexies.....I placed them into my big (unsewn) basket of hexies..... I'll have to look since memory has poor recall among the flowers...... JUST lots of JOY of Swapping!

1 comment:

  1. I write the person's name and the month/year on the back as soon as I receive them. But then when I put the second round on flowers earlier this month I pulled the papers out of the flowers and realized I no longer knew who had sent them...


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