Friday, November 15, 2013

Thanks, Gayle, for your generosity!!

Gayle had my name in November, and she outdid herself in sending me these 4 lovely hexies.  They are lovely, festive, and just right for my garden.  Thank you so much.  I always look up on the map where my hexies have come from.  I see that you live close to Cincinnati.  I've been through there several times and always stop at Skyline Chili to eat some Cincinnati chili.  Then I need some Graeter's ice cream for dessert!!  Lucky you for having that available on a regular basis.
Kathie L in Allentown


  1. Lovely....your hexie garden will be very colourful if these four are anything to go by.

  2. Lovely hexies. That pink one is especially interesting.

  3. Great hexies! I like the pink one too, and the green one.

  4. Wow, very pretty!! Great colors!!


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