Friday, December 27, 2013

November Hexies to Chrys in MI

Have A Wonderful Final Month of 2014 Chrys!!!

Ending this year.... beginning 214:  So I made a twelve month folder in my directory in order to better keep up with WHO and WHERE I am mailing to.... and receiving from!!

DOES THIS SOUND LIKE A New Year Resolution 4me???   I've been collecting black people on cloth for years......   I should make this change to my hexie request!!!
Thanks to all my hexie swap partners of 2012-2013 . . . . looking forward to next yr


  1. Love to see your organization Beverly! Perhaps you should do a post sharing your method.... I don't know about changing to black people on fabric hexies - some of us, or me anyway, have never see any fabric like that. Very cute though!

  2. Thank you Beverly, I love these hexies! It is always fun to get that envelope in the mail. Happy 2014!


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