Thursday, March 6, 2014

February and March flowers in the mail!

Hey yall!
  My February flowers for Kris Young are in the mail. I am so sorry I was late sending them Kris! I hope you like them.
Also my March flowers for Mary Gearheart were mailed today!
 I was having trouble with my computer reading my SD card from my camera so no sneak peeks :O  ! But here is a picture of one of our baby calves :)
 Spring is just around the corner here in Georgia! We are having new baby calves being born almost everyday! (Doesn't leave much time for hand sewing lately) We had one heifer prolapse so she has been needing extra care. Thank goodness that with the vet's help, we were able to get her put back together, sewed up and they are both fine!
Happy Spring soon!
xo jan

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  1. Wow, Jan!! Spring IS an exciting time for you!! I am looking forward to getting my February Flowers and as they say, better late than never!! So glad your mamma cow and baby are okay!! Great picture!!


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