Monday, April 28, 2014

April flowers for Pat

Hi Pat,

Here is a sneak peek of your flowers for April which will be in the mail heading for the UK tomorrow.

I hope you like the colours.... tee hee....


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Today my Hexie flowers from Beverly arrived.
Thank you so much, they are so wonderful.

Greetings from Germany,

Uplifting Hexie Mail from Maree ~ Australia

I'd been trudging along a few days this month - knowing that my Father-n-love passed away last month.  So it was with a smile that I found two hexies in the mail from Maree Graff.

 BTW - presentation is everything  PIE !!!

I've already started to look for "soft or dusty/antique pinks" for your hexie swap this year - Maree!!!  Take good care of yourself.... I'll even try to take that advice for myself!!!!

Friday, April 25, 2014

deleted list

I somehow deleted my email for this month.  Could someone forward the email to


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

March Sunflower Hexie Thanks

Many thanks to Karyli for these lovely sunflower hexies.

Happy stitching
- Simone

February Sunflower Hexie Thanks

Many thanks to Kris for these lovely sunflower hexies.

Happy stitching
- Simone

Swapper Profile - one profile to cover two weeks

 Hi all,

Our swapper profile for this week is  - actually this is our profile for last week and this week.  I was off skiing in the bush last Friday and will be at a quilt retreat this Friday coming, so no computer time for me.  :)  

Our swapper profile is for Anette.  Anette lives in Haderslev, and here is what I gleaned about this town from Wikipedia.  "Haderslev is a Danish town with a population of 21,485 (1 January 2013).[2] It is the main town and the administrative seat of Haderslev Municipality and is situated in the eastern part of Southern Jutland."  In case like me you know nothing about Denmark, I've included Wikipedia's map.  Haderslev is below Esbjerg on the left side of the map.

File:Map Denmark CIA extended.gif

"Haderslev is situated in a valley, leading from Vojens to Haderslev Fjord and the Baltic Sea. Haderslev was presumably founded by Vikings at least a century before it was granted status as royal borough in 1292. At that time, it had become one of the main trading centres in Southern Jutland. In 1327, Haderslevhus, the royal castle, was mentioned for the first time. It was situated east of the cathedral; an area still called Slotsgrunden. In the following centuries the city prospered, building both the Gothic Cathedral and the second castle of Hansborg (burnt in 1644), which was similar to Kronborg. Due to the plague in Copenhagen, King Christian IV was married there. In the 16th century, the city became one of the first Scandinavian places to embrace the Lutheran Reformation. Prior to the Second Schleswig War of 1864, Haderslev was situated in the Duchy of Schleswig, a Danish fief, so its history is properly included in the contentious history of Schleswig-Holstein. From 1864 it was part of Prussia, and as such part of the North German Confederation, and from 1871 onwards, part of the German Empire. In the 1920 Schleswig Plebiscite that returned Northern Schleswig to Denmark, 38.6% of Haderslev's inhabitants voted for remaining part of Germany and 61.4% voted for the cession to Denmark.[3] It was formerly the capital of the German Kreis Hadersleben and the Danish Haderslev County."  European history is so old and so varied.  I find it fascinating.

Here is what Anette asked to relay about herself.  "I'm married - 59 years old - working fulltime as an accountant in this Company We make furnaces for the car industry all over the World. Still have to work 3 and 1/2 Year before i can retire, but that's ok i like my job. We have a grown up son 32 - Kim he is married to Mette - the most lovely daughter in love you can get. They are moving back to this town from Århus" (see Arhus on the map above, on the right side of the same peninsula of land) "- and just have started to build a brand new home. In august i will be grandma they just told us.

Maybe i "misspelled" some words - i'm NOT the worlds best english writer - but i'm sure you all understand what i wrote.

I wish you all a warm summer - and for you down under a Nice winter."

So nice to meet you Anette!  I would say your English is rather good.  Certainly much better than my Danish. :)  I did add a few apostrophes to make a few words clearer.  Congratulations on your impending grandma-hood. Being a grandparent is one of the fun things in life!


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

May Hexies for Sarah

Hi Sarah

Here's a black 'n' white sneak peak of your May hexies.

As the weather is miserable in Melbourne today, I will be posting them tomorrow.

Happy stitching.


April Hexies for Shannon

Hi Shannon

Here's a black 'n' white sneak peak of your hexies.

As the weather is miserable today in Melbourne, I will be posting them tomorrow.

Happy stitching.


April Flower Parts on Their Way . . .

Susan L.

Susan L. asked for 14 basted hexies, not sewn together in a flower.  Colors of sky blue or sunshine yellow, so I thought I would add a few clouds into the blue sky!!  Hope you like them, Susan!!. 

april hexies

I mailed hexies to Celine in UK today. They always seem so perplexed at the post office, whether the hexies should go through customs. What do you think?

Monday, April 21, 2014

March hexies from Kris Young

Thank you so much for your lovely flowers and in wonderful
oriental fabrics.  They will go well in my garden.  Sorry for posting this.
Best wishes and Happy Easter.
Sue Taylor from UK.

April Hexies from Karyli Peterson

Thanks very much for your lovely flowers and the very cute
bunny too.
Happy Easter
Best wishes Sue Taylor from UK

Friday, April 18, 2014

April Hexies for Edda

Hi Edda ,
this is a sneak peek at the April Hexies that are flying to you from Australia.
I hope these are the fabrics you wanted.
I received pretty Hexies from Edda back in March 2012, so I am happy to return the favour.
Very Best Wishes,
Rosalie H.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

March~From Sarah to Shannon

I love these flowers. They are so pretty. And look at that tiny little hexie fob. So precious!! Yes I felt like Gollum when I opened it. HA HA

February~From Karyli to Shannon

Thank you Karyli for these great flowers. It is funny because I can see her house from mine. She saved money on postage by just giving them to me in person! 

February~From Shannon to Nora

I got word from Nora that she has received my blocks. Here is a picture of them. I had a hard time sending them. They are so cool!!

January~From Shannon to Pat

Pat has posted that she has received my flower but I wanted to show them off. 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Flowers for me from Rosalie from Australie arrived .
They are so wonderful.

Greetings from Germany,

This week's Swapper Profile

Hi everyone,

This week we are meeting our swapper known as Ana.  Despite English not being her first language, Ana wrote her own bio and I think I'll just present it to you.

" My name is Ana Maria, I am Portuguese, living in Lisbon, the city where I was born just 67 years ago...   not that far away.....

Portugal is a small Country by the most occidental part of Europe, with a long sea coast and its only neighborhood is Spain.

Lisbon is a wonderful place, the Portuguese capital. If you want to see something about it,  check this link
I promise you will not loose your precious time.

I always lived here except for about four years when my husband had to go serving to Mozambique, one of Portugal former colonies, and I went along.
Maybe because of that we only have one son. Now also have two grandsons.
Just today 31 March we complete 46 years of marriage...

Having worked in account/finance departments for about 45 years, my last job was at Lisbon Airport, 29 years!   Retirement arrived when I was 60 and a year later I found Patchwork and..... fall in love with it!

Since then I have made a lot of quilts, baby, medium, large and super large,  pillow covers, bags of all sorts.

Last year I started with EPP and join a couple of swaps and bees. Now I'm with POTC and new quilts.  

My blog  is where you can find more about my hobby.
I spend about half of my day time in my sewing room, always doing something and thinking or dreaming on the next one....!

Since started my blog I met lots of lovely women from all around the world, really met a wonderful friend from New Zealand who, in fact, came to Portugal with her family on holidays and a two more friends from Brazil too. 

That spreading friendship is something that I'm really grateful to Patchwork!"

It is lovely to get to know you Ana.  I think you are the only member we have had from Portugal!    Sadly, April is Ana's last month with us as she says she has enough flowers now for the project she wants to make.  

Ana sent a photo collage of her work, but I don't see a piece in there made from her IHFS hexies.  She will have to come back and show us what she has made once she is done.  


Friday, April 11, 2014

Sneak Peek for Michele!

Hi Michele,
 These little flowers are headed your way today! I hope you enjoy them and that spring is finally headed to Wisconsin!!
xo jan

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cutie Patooties from Beverly!

Hey yall! I received these cutie patootie flowers from Beverly Kirk today along with a very pretty card and the sweetest Patchwork Poem written by Helen Lowrie Marshall! I love the poem. It is so true- Thank you Beverly!
xo jan

Thank You corrected ~ Marie Christenson

Double take on reading the return address label.....(Will I ever get this right?) LOL  
I always snap a picture of the hexies received..... Lo and behold in the picture folder here pops up a couple of jewels....

So many thanks..... I'm a statistical analyst by day.... and quilter by pm.   So.... it behoves me to keep track of my hexies..... LOL
Oh well -- I'm trying hard to retire ....   These were January 2014 hexies !!!!   Yippeeee!!


I just found March's hexies for Cathy Thorgrimson on my desk as I was cleaning it off to have a flat spot. I made these hexies the first week, and I was sure I had mailed them. I'm so sorry ... sigh

Early Bird July2014 ~ Leslie

These are the beauties I received from Leslie in Canada (before postage goes up!!

 A closeup!!!

Anybody ever consider (due to postage) and due to relative ease in making hexies.... that we might start sending 3-4 hexies -- instead of two... hmnnnn    maybe not a savings.... but it makes it feel worth my postage and increases the value of my friendships...!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Swapper Profile - Alana

Today starts a new feature on the blog - a weekly swapper profile.  The first  person we will meet is Alana. Isn't she beautiful!

 Alana lives in Doreen (love that name), Victoria, Australia, a town 26 km from Melbourne.  Wikipedia says that "The area contains three private schools ... two primary schools ..., a community hall and a CFA fire station."  
I don't know what a CFA fire station is but the schools are an important element in Doreen story as she reports "I work full time as a secondary school Mathematics teacher. I am also studying my ‘Master of Education’ specialising in Mathematics."   
In fact Alana is the "Head of Mathematics" at her school.  This means that she would be really good at all kinds of quilting, because we all know that quilting and mathematics go hand in hand.  It's unfortunate that Alana also says: "Hence I don’t have much time to do craft, so making the hexies is all I really do."  
Alana's request for her hexie flowers is "petals in colours of blue or sea-green, they can be solids, tone on tone or small prints, and centers of solid or tone on tone white.  The overall desired look is to make a quilt in the colours of the ocean."  Doesn't this sound like a gorgeous quilt!!
Alana also says "But in the past I have sewed clothes, cross stitched, made teddy bears and also tried cake decorating."  And probably most important in her life... "I am a single mom to two beautiful daughters, aged 10 and 7." 
One other thing I know about Alana is that she and our swapper Simone are sisters.   
We are so pleased to get to know you, Alana.  Thanks for sharing.


Hexies from Paula! How nice!

Hi Sandra..... and thanks..

I knew I'd received beautiful hexies from you....   there is still an unnamed - unmarked set.   Gosh, hate I misplaced an envelope!!

January~From Lara to Shannon

I got these flowers a while back for January. They are so pretty. 

She also made this wonderful crocheted heart! Perfect!

Thank you so much.

A Spring Bird for Jane Kerr

Stitching remains a wonderful - theraputic adventure for me!!

Hope you enjoy ~ Spring Flower Hexies

Jane Manley.     
I'm also getting to the point that I need to double-ch the keyboard on name spelling!!! 

Take good care of yourself!!!

Quick and in a Hurry! Mailed to You ~ Janet !

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Lists are posted and hexies received

Hi all,

I have sent out the lists for the month so please check your mail.  We have forty-nine swappers this month and one person is leaving the swap in May.  If you know of anyone who wants to join please give them the e-mail address.

While I was away in Australia my January hexies arrived from Celine.  She sent me two sets of second round hexies in bright happy colours ... Thanks so much Celine!

And here they are added to their flowers.  Shannon you might recognize the blue and red one which you made for me a long time ago...:)

I wish I could show you all the hand sewing I accomplished while I was in Australia, but my production was pitiful - limited to putting a second round on this one flower.  I think the dots and dots look cool together.  This flower was sent to me by Gayle some time ago.

That`s all for now folks!


Hexis for Janet

Hexis for Janet - a bit delayed. My fault completely! Found them after about three hours of searching last night. They were wedged between the passenger seat and the passenger door of my car. The enveloped had slipped down and on auto pilot doing errands, I missed mailing and finding it (as the passenger door of my car is rarely used).

Just to tempt your imagination, these are brights as requested. There is a lot of pink and yellow, with some teal, purple, green and orange.