Saturday, April 5, 2014

Swapper Profile - Alana

Today starts a new feature on the blog - a weekly swapper profile.  The first  person we will meet is Alana. Isn't she beautiful!

 Alana lives in Doreen (love that name), Victoria, Australia, a town 26 km from Melbourne.  Wikipedia says that "The area contains three private schools ... two primary schools ..., a community hall and a CFA fire station."  
I don't know what a CFA fire station is but the schools are an important element in Doreen story as she reports "I work full time as a secondary school Mathematics teacher. I am also studying my ‘Master of Education’ specialising in Mathematics."   
In fact Alana is the "Head of Mathematics" at her school.  This means that she would be really good at all kinds of quilting, because we all know that quilting and mathematics go hand in hand.  It's unfortunate that Alana also says: "Hence I don’t have much time to do craft, so making the hexies is all I really do."  
Alana's request for her hexie flowers is "petals in colours of blue or sea-green, they can be solids, tone on tone or small prints, and centers of solid or tone on tone white.  The overall desired look is to make a quilt in the colours of the ocean."  Doesn't this sound like a gorgeous quilt!!
Alana also says "But in the past I have sewed clothes, cross stitched, made teddy bears and also tried cake decorating."  And probably most important in her life... "I am a single mom to two beautiful daughters, aged 10 and 7." 
One other thing I know about Alana is that she and our swapper Simone are sisters.   
We are so pleased to get to know you, Alana.  Thanks for sharing.



  1. Hi Alana! It is very nice to meet you. I wish I had your knack for Math. I am a quilter with a math deficit! Thank goodness I can get precut papers! lol! Your quilt sounds like it will be gorgeous! Have fun!
    xo jan

  2. Alana - It is very nice to meet you!! Sounds like your life is full and happy!! And your quilt sounds like it is going to be gorgeous!! I hope you can share it with us some day when it is done!! Kris

  3. My sister Alana - we often have craft days where we sit and make our hexies together, this morning being one of those days. I often have to give Alana some fabric for hers and when I do this she knows she has to make me a sunflower hexie as payment.


    PS - CFA means Country Fire Authority

  4. Wonderful lady.... nice to see ya!

  5. Hello. Good to meet you!

  6. hi Alana, nice to virtually meet you!

  7. Welcome!! It is nice to meet you!


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