Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Swapper Profile - one profile to cover two weeks

 Hi all,

Our swapper profile for this week is  - actually this is our profile for last week and this week.  I was off skiing in the bush last Friday and will be at a quilt retreat this Friday coming, so no computer time for me.  :)  

Our swapper profile is for Anette.  Anette lives in Haderslev, and here is what I gleaned about this town from Wikipedia.  "Haderslev is a Danish town with a population of 21,485 (1 January 2013).[2] It is the main town and the administrative seat of Haderslev Municipality and is situated in the eastern part of Southern Jutland."  In case like me you know nothing about Denmark, I've included Wikipedia's map.  Haderslev is below Esbjerg on the left side of the map.

File:Map Denmark CIA extended.gif

"Haderslev is situated in a valley, leading from Vojens to Haderslev Fjord and the Baltic Sea. Haderslev was presumably founded by Vikings at least a century before it was granted status as royal borough in 1292. At that time, it had become one of the main trading centres in Southern Jutland. In 1327, Haderslevhus, the royal castle, was mentioned for the first time. It was situated east of the cathedral; an area still called Slotsgrunden. In the following centuries the city prospered, building both the Gothic Cathedral and the second castle of Hansborg (burnt in 1644), which was similar to Kronborg. Due to the plague in Copenhagen, King Christian IV was married there. In the 16th century, the city became one of the first Scandinavian places to embrace the Lutheran Reformation. Prior to the Second Schleswig War of 1864, Haderslev was situated in the Duchy of Schleswig, a Danish fief, so its history is properly included in the contentious history of Schleswig-Holstein. From 1864 it was part of Prussia, and as such part of the North German Confederation, and from 1871 onwards, part of the German Empire. In the 1920 Schleswig Plebiscite that returned Northern Schleswig to Denmark, 38.6% of Haderslev's inhabitants voted for remaining part of Germany and 61.4% voted for the cession to Denmark.[3] It was formerly the capital of the German Kreis Hadersleben and the Danish Haderslev County."  European history is so old and so varied.  I find it fascinating.

Here is what Anette asked to relay about herself.  "I'm married - 59 years old - working fulltime as an accountant in this Company We make furnaces for the car industry all over the World. Still have to work 3 and 1/2 Year before i can retire, but that's ok i like my job. We have a grown up son 32 - Kim he is married to Mette - the most lovely daughter in love you can get. They are moving back to this town from Århus" (see Arhus on the map above, on the right side of the same peninsula of land) "- and just have started to build a brand new home. In august i will be grandma they just told us.

Maybe i "misspelled" some words - i'm NOT the worlds best english writer - but i'm sure you all understand what i wrote.

I wish you all a warm summer - and for you down under a Nice winter."

So nice to meet you Anette!  I would say your English is rather good.  Certainly much better than my Danish. :)  I did add a few apostrophes to make a few words clearer.  Congratulations on your impending grandma-hood. Being a grandparent is one of the fun things in life!


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