Saturday, April 12, 2014

This week's Swapper Profile

Hi everyone,

This week we are meeting our swapper known as Ana.  Despite English not being her first language, Ana wrote her own bio and I think I'll just present it to you.

" My name is Ana Maria, I am Portuguese, living in Lisbon, the city where I was born just 67 years ago...   not that far away.....

Portugal is a small Country by the most occidental part of Europe, with a long sea coast and its only neighborhood is Spain.

Lisbon is a wonderful place, the Portuguese capital. If you want to see something about it,  check this link
I promise you will not loose your precious time.

I always lived here except for about four years when my husband had to go serving to Mozambique, one of Portugal former colonies, and I went along.
Maybe because of that we only have one son. Now also have two grandsons.
Just today 31 March we complete 46 years of marriage...

Having worked in account/finance departments for about 45 years, my last job was at Lisbon Airport, 29 years!   Retirement arrived when I was 60 and a year later I found Patchwork and..... fall in love with it!

Since then I have made a lot of quilts, baby, medium, large and super large,  pillow covers, bags of all sorts.

Last year I started with EPP and join a couple of swaps and bees. Now I'm with POTC and new quilts.  

My blog  is where you can find more about my hobby.
I spend about half of my day time in my sewing room, always doing something and thinking or dreaming on the next one....!

Since started my blog I met lots of lovely women from all around the world, really met a wonderful friend from New Zealand who, in fact, came to Portugal with her family on holidays and a two more friends from Brazil too. 

That spreading friendship is something that I'm really grateful to Patchwork!"

It is lovely to get to know you Ana.  I think you are the only member we have had from Portugal!    Sadly, April is Ana's last month with us as she says she has enough flowers now for the project she wants to make.  

Ana sent a photo collage of her work, but I don't see a piece in there made from her IHFS hexies.  She will have to come back and show us what she has made once she is done.  



  1. Sorry to see you go Ana....enjoy your patchwork.

  2. We will miss you, Ana. Can't wait to see what you make with your hexie flowers some day.

  3. I´ll be here watching you.... and as soon as I have my garden I´ll show the result. In my mosaic there is a garden from a Bee where Hilachas has also been. I think that only she and I have accomplished the project.... In my cozy sewing room I´ll be cutting and basting those little Hexies. I´ve just began to baste the intersections..... It has been a pleasure staying with all of you. Thanks my friends.

  4. Nice lady, nice bio. I visited her blog to also say hello!!! Be blessed

  5. It is nice to meet you! Sorry to see you go. Looking forward to seeing your finished project!


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