Saturday, May 31, 2014

Swapper Profile - Rosalie

Today we are going to meet...

"My name is Rosalie Harris, I am Australian. living in an outer suburb of Melbourne,in the state of Victoria.
I am happily married and the mother of four adult children,three Sons and one daughter, and Grandma to seven fabulous grandchildren, four girls and three boys ranging in age from twenty-one to nine years.

I have tried many hobbies over the years Teddy Bear and Doll making, Ceramics, fabric painting to name a few,but Patchwork, Quilting and stitchery have now taken over and keep me happy and always busy.  I almost forgot to say in my profile that I belong to three different Quilting groups, N.O.T.Y.Q ( North of the Yarra Quilters ).
Kilmore Quilters, and Phillip Island Patchworkers, all based in Victoria.

I have been a member of the Hexie swap sinceAugust 2011, and love sending and receiving hexie flowers from friends I have never met all over the world.
Other interests I enjoy are reading, gardening,cooking and travelling, both in Australia and oversees."

Here is a lovely photo of Rosalie!  So happy... is that her quilt behind her?  Did she win a prize?  She doesn't say....  It is a lovely looking quilt ....

Rosalie also has a blog  She doesn't post on it often but when she does it is often because there is lots of quilting fun going on with her peeps.

It is lovely to find out a little bit about you Rosalie.  Thanks for being part of the swap. :) 


Friday, May 30, 2014

Well, I Am Late . . .

in thanking Jennifer for the darling April flowers she sent me a few weeks ago plus the fun goodies she included all the way from Australia!!

Thank you, Jennifer - they will go beautifully in my garden!!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Swapper Profile - Shannon

This week we are meeting Shannon.  And here she is :) 

"Hello everybody my name is Shannon. I am a 42 year old homemaker in a small town in Idaho. I have been married to my high school sweetheart for almost 24 years. We have three children. My oldest son is married to a great young lady and has a sweet little girl who is almost one and a second girl baby on the way. My middle child, my oldest daughter, is a college student. She is working on a Bachelors Degree in Business Management. When she is not away at school she lives with us and we sew a lot. My youngest daughter is about to graduate high school. She has a few more weeks and then she will move onto the next step in her life. Both girls will be going to the same college so I will be a true empty nester in September. Looking forward to it with a heavy heart. 

I have been sewing for over 20 years but only got into quilting about 4 years ago. We had been taking care of my husbands sick dad and after he passed away I needed something to fill my days. A friend introduced me to quilting blogs and I was hooked. I have been quilting since then. I have made at last count over 25 quilts. I love donating them so most of them go to charities. I always have quilting on the brain. I am amazed I can get anything else done. Good thing my kids were old enough to care for themselves. Ha ha!! 

I was diagnosed with Adult Onset Still's Disease in 1999 when I was 27. My youngest daughter was three. I was in so much pain that I could not function. I have not updated this website in a while but if you would like to read more about my illness go here.

I love making Hexies. I have been a member of this group for over three years and have collected over 80 flowers. I recently decided to start making my collection into a quilt. I am ringing each of my red, orange, or yellow flowers in a solid red, orange, or yellow. Then I will go around each flower in black and link them up. I can't wait until it is done!! 

Thank you so much to everyone for making flowers for my garden!!"

Edited to add:  Shannon also has a blog - - where she writes about quilting and her family and a few other things.  Check it out! 

Your quilt sounds like it will be super pretty Shannon!!  It is lovely to get to know you better.  I hope others will drop in and say hi.


Friday, May 23, 2014

Thank you Kris!

Thank you Kris from Utah!  The hexies will be great in my garden.


Hexies for me from Diane arrived.
Thank you so much. They are so wonderful.

Grit from Germany

May Hexies for Jane Kerr

Hi Jane,
Greetings from Australia,
just a sneak peek of the May Hexie Flowers on their way to you.
I hope you like them.
Best Wishes,

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Thanks to a friend from Australia!

I received two beautiful Polka Dot flowers from Marie Graff. Thank you--they are beautiful and will look amazing in my garden!
This is such an awesome group. Thank you, thank you!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Flowers received :)

Kate very generously sent me three sets of second round hexies for February.  They took a long time to get here due to several postal issues, but arrive they did and they are wonderful.

And here they are sewn on to their flowers...

This centre flower was made for me by Anette.  It was the perfect colour to go with these second rounds hexies.

And this centre flower was made for me by Dawn.  I 
was a bit worried about finding the right colour second round hexies for this flower, but these ones are perfect.

And I don't have information about who made this centre flower.  If YOU did , please let me know.  

Three more beautiful flowers for my quilt.  It is time to do some more work on putting it together.  Thanks Kate!


Flowers sent to Paula

Paula, your hexies for May are ready to go in the mail.  Here is your sneak peek...

I hope you like them :) 


Monday, May 19, 2014

Cutie flowers from Diane!

I received these adorable flowers from Diane Morici1 Thank you Diane they are so sweet and will fit perfectly in my garden!
xo jan

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Swapper Profile - Anne-Lise

Today we are meeting Anne-Lise.  Such a pretty name. :) 

Anne-Lise lives in Slagelse, Denmark.  This is what Wikipedia has to say about it.  "Slagelse, a town in east Denmark, is in Slagelse municipality on the island of Zealand. It is about 100 km (62 mi) southwest of Copenhagen. The population is 32,005 (1 January 2014).[1]
In the 11th century, Slagelse had a mint and was an important trading center. The city has an 11th-century church, and nearby is Trelleborg, a Viking fortress.
Hans Christian Andersen studied in the grammar school in this city for a few years but described it as a "nuisance"."
Hmmm.... I wonder what old Hans meant by that!!

Can you see Slagelse on the map below?  It's on Sealand Island (not Zealand, Wikipedia).   Anne-Lise doesn't live very close to Haderslev where Anette lives.  I wonder if they know each other.

Anne-Lise has this to say...

"I am 71 years old, retired and a widow. I have no children of my own but a stepdaughter with two boys. I have been quilting for 8 years."

Short but sweet, Anne-Lise.  It is lovely to get to know you.  And Anne-Lise sent a photo of herself.  I would have guessed she was about 50 years old....or maybe 40....


Blocks Received

Thank you Diane!
Photo of blocks on our flickr site:

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sneak peek for Nora

Hi Nora, I mailed your May flowers today! I hope they will flourish in your 1930's garden!
xo jan manley

Today my flowers from Paula- Australia- are arrived.
They ares os wonderful. Thank you so much.

Greetings from Germany,

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hexies for Simone

Ok Simone--your hexies are on their way to the post office.  I hope you like them.


April~From Simone to Shannon

Simone, I love these flowers. They will work great with my garden. I will be getting your flowers out to you soon. 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Hexies received for April and May

I received two great batches of hexies for April and May...  Thanks so much Beverly and Cathy!

These pretty blue ones came from Beverly in April.  They are more turquoise than the picture shows.  I don't have a record of who made the middle hexie flower for me.  If you did, please let me know.

And these lovely ones came from Cathy for May.  

Cathy is from Kenora, Ontario.  And the middle flower was made by Leslie who is also from Kenora, Ontario.  So I guess this is a Kenora Rose.... :)


April Flowers from Sarah Meland

I received these gorgeous April Hexie Flowers from Sarah Meland,
They came all the way to Australia from Mesa, Arizona, and certainly brought Sunshine with them.
Thank you so much Sarah, I love them, they will fit beautifully in my Garden Quilt.
Best Wishes,
Rosalie Harris.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

thank you to Cathy

These pretty flowers were at the post office waiting for me yesterday. Thanks to Cathy also for the card with pictures of her town.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Swapper profile - Simone!

Simone has covered all the bases for us in her write up about herself.  And she has sent great photos!

Hi, I’m Simone and I’ve been a member of the Hexie Swap group for about one year now and am enjoying sending and receiving my hexies.  The colour specifications for my hexies are yellow petals with black/dark brown centres and I chose this combination as my favourite flower is the sunflower.  My sister Alana is also a member of the Hexie Swap group and we often get together for craft days.

I live in Doncaster East which is about 15 kilometres from Melbourne, in an easterly direction.  I live by myself as I’m single and do not have any children of the human variety, but, I do have two boys of the furry type.  My boys are English Cocker Spaniels named Hoggy (12 years, golden) and Mawson (4 years, black).  Both of my boys are Pet Therapy dogs which means we go to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne on a monthly basis to visit the sick kids.  This volunteer work is very rewarding as the smiles we get from the kids, the parents and even the staff are priceless.

I work full time as an Executive Assistant for the Chief Operating Officer of a small Australian family company.  I have been with the company for three years and enjoy it a lot.  The company owns five commercial properties and one retail shopping centre around Melbourne and we lease, develop, manage etc these properties. 

I am a member of NOTYQ (North of the Yarra Quilters Guild) and enjoy all types of sewing in my spare time, that is, when I’m not at the park or volunteering with my boys.  In the past I have tried cross stitch, crochet, teddy bear making, beading, doll making, but of late patchwork is my favourite.  My next project will be a combined birthday/Christmas quilt for my niece Jessica.

My most recent quilting completion is Judy Niemeyer’s Glacier Star.  It is currently with the quilters and I am now addicted to the technique of foundation piecing.  I have already purchased my next Judy Niemeyer pattern and fabric….Hoffman Crackers.  I will commence this once I have completed Jessica’s quilt.

Happy stitching

Well Simone it is great to get to know you and to hear about your interesting life.  The dogs are gorgeous, and the quilt is magnificent!  Thanks so much for sharing with us.  And I'm sure that folks will be by to say hello.


Friday, May 9, 2014

Thank You Lara

Thank you Lara Geach for the lovely hexies and the crocheted heart!  How sweet of you to include a little happy!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

CUTENESS from Gayle!

I received these adorable flowers today from Gayle Arnold! I just love them Gayle and that card is so cute!
These flowers will be great in my garden! Thank you so much for making them for me!
xo jan

I tucked away my March envelope....Opened it Today!

It's a treasure to open my hexies..... From Lynette Peters @ Australia.  The card made me laugh and the coaster is just wonderful!

It's Thunder basketball in Oklahoma!!! In the background with my Alma Mater!
Although family matters during the month of March remain a blur.. I'm so thankful to Lynette at this time!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Swapper Profile - Susan!

Our swapper for the week is Susan.  She hails from Pascagoula, Mississippi, and here is some of what Wikipedia has to say about it.  "It is a city in Jackson County, Mississippi. The population was 26,200 at the 2000 census. It is the county seat of Jackson County[2].  Pascagoula is a major industrial city along the Gulf Coast. Prior to World War II, the town was a sleepy fishing village of only about 5,000. The population exploded with the war-driven shipbuilding industry. Today, Pascagoula is home to the state’s largest employer, Ingalls Shipbuilding. Other major industries include one of the largest Chevron refineries in the country; Signal International, an oil platform builder; and Mississippi Phosphates."

And here is what Susan shared about herself.  "I learned to sew when I was in high school--I was 5'8" and wore a size 1.  Nothing was ever long enough, so I started making my own clothes. I started quilting my senior year in college.  My new niece needed a quilt, and my grandmother had me cut out pink and blue squares using a square cut from a cereal box as a template.  I really started quilting when my own children were born.  I have been quilting for about 30 years now.  I belong to 4 guilds (two local, one state, one regional).  I also love to knit.  

I still work full time as a food scientist for the federal government.  I have three children, ages 29, 26 and 21.  The youngest is still in college.  I have a goofy rescue Weimaraner named Jake, and just got a foster Weim, Buddy last week.  I am a runner, and recently completed my tenth marathon.  I also enjoy triathlons--wish me luck, my first sprint tri is this weekend.  I recently started dating a wonderful man who tolerates all my activities :)."

And Susan also shared this...

"My "Trash to Treasure Pineapple" won 2nd place in the theme category at the Gulf States Quilt Show last month."

Wow Susan!  Congratulations!!  I love scrappy quilts and this one is great.

Susan has a blog at where you can see some sewing photos, some doggy photos, lots of knitting projects and some running events.

It's very nice to meet you Susan.  I have long wanted to travel on the east coast of the states, so I may be down to visit sometime. :) 

Everyone please take the time to leave a comment here saying hello to Susan.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Flowers from California

I found these beautiful flowers waiting in my mailbox. They're from Sandra from California, my March partner in the "Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap."

I love the colors she chose. Thanks, Sandra.