Saturday, May 10, 2014

Swapper profile - Simone!

Simone has covered all the bases for us in her write up about herself.  And she has sent great photos!

Hi, I’m Simone and I’ve been a member of the Hexie Swap group for about one year now and am enjoying sending and receiving my hexies.  The colour specifications for my hexies are yellow petals with black/dark brown centres and I chose this combination as my favourite flower is the sunflower.  My sister Alana is also a member of the Hexie Swap group and we often get together for craft days.

I live in Doncaster East which is about 15 kilometres from Melbourne, in an easterly direction.  I live by myself as I’m single and do not have any children of the human variety, but, I do have two boys of the furry type.  My boys are English Cocker Spaniels named Hoggy (12 years, golden) and Mawson (4 years, black).  Both of my boys are Pet Therapy dogs which means we go to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne on a monthly basis to visit the sick kids.  This volunteer work is very rewarding as the smiles we get from the kids, the parents and even the staff are priceless.

I work full time as an Executive Assistant for the Chief Operating Officer of a small Australian family company.  I have been with the company for three years and enjoy it a lot.  The company owns five commercial properties and one retail shopping centre around Melbourne and we lease, develop, manage etc these properties. 

I am a member of NOTYQ (North of the Yarra Quilters Guild) and enjoy all types of sewing in my spare time, that is, when I’m not at the park or volunteering with my boys.  In the past I have tried cross stitch, crochet, teddy bear making, beading, doll making, but of late patchwork is my favourite.  My next project will be a combined birthday/Christmas quilt for my niece Jessica.

My most recent quilting completion is Judy Niemeyer’s Glacier Star.  It is currently with the quilters and I am now addicted to the technique of foundation piecing.  I have already purchased my next Judy Niemeyer pattern and fabric….Hoffman Crackers.  I will commence this once I have completed Jessica’s quilt.

Happy stitching

Well Simone it is great to get to know you and to hear about your interesting life.  The dogs are gorgeous, and the quilt is magnificent!  Thanks so much for sharing with us.  And I'm sure that folks will be by to say hello.



  1. What a fantastic profile, well done Simone.
    Lovely photos,Beautiful Quilt.

  2. Nice work, nice to meet you ! ! ! Keep quiltin!


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