Sunday, June 22, 2014

Swapper Profile - Debbie!

Here is an introduction to our other new swapper - Debbie.  Debbie lives in Jerusalem.  How exciting to have another swapper from an interesting part of the world.  I bet you all know a little something about Jerusalem but here is the link to Wikipedia's info about the city, in case you want to find out more...

And now here is Debbie....

"I'm thrilled to be part of the Hexagon Flower Swap. I have been a
hexagon junkie for a long time. I collect many hexagon shaped things,
not just in fabric. Beads, buttons, trinket boxes, photos of, etc.

I live in Israel and am married with five children and six
grandchildren, all living here in Israel.

I learned to knit and crochet from my grandmothers at about age seven.
Then went on to different kinds of embroideries with my mother's
encouragement. Before I was eleven, my mother sent me for my first
sewing lessons. Around 20 years ago I started quilting. While I've
made quite a few projects with hexagons, none of them are of the GFG
type. Over five years ago I started blogging. If you put hexagon in
the search, you can see most of my hexagon projects."

Debbie didn't send me any photos but you can see some on her blog if you check it out.  She is a knitter as well as a quilter!

So nice to get to know a little bit about you Debbie and welcome to the swap!!  Hopefully some of our other members will stop by and say hi.



  1. Hi Debbie, great to read your profile, I hope to swap with you in the future.
    Happy Stitching,
    Rosalie H.

  2. Thanks for the nice intro, Janet!

  3. Wow Debbie - you have a great blog! I am a new follower. I really enjoyed reading your BIO. One day I hope to visit Jerusalem. I think it is a beautiful city! Enjoy those grandbabies!
    xo jan


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