Saturday, June 28, 2014

Swapper profile - Pat!!

I think we will plunge right in tonight and let Pat tell you about herself.

"I live in Northampton, which is right in the centre of England.  I was born here, grew up here and I am still here!  It has a lot of history - my local church was built in the 11th century.  Northampton was well known for producing beautiful leather and hand made shoes - alas this industry is virtually non-existent now.
I have been married to Michael for 48 years so hopefully we shall reach our Golden Wedding and I shall need to make a special quilt to mark that occasion.  We had 2 children but sadly our son, who was our youngest, died 6 years ago. He had no children but was engaged to be married.  We also have a daughter, Sarah, who has just turned 47 and she is married and has given us 2 grandchildren, Erin is 12 and Cameron is 10.  I did hope that maybe Erin would learn to quilt but no inclination yet - she would have to sit still to do it and that is not for her!  Cameron is just interested in football.

Erin with her Christmas quilt

Cameron with his Christmas quilt

We are both retired - Michael was a chef (and yes, he does still love to cook at home, aren't I the lucky one) and I used to work as a book-keeper cum secretary.  These days I love to stitch.  I both hand and machine sew, but much prefer hand sewing.  I love applique, and also enjoy foundation piecing as it is so accurate. 
I have been quilting for over 30 years on and off - more on now that I am retired.  I also enjoy knitting, crochet and reading although the reading is limited at the moment as I have a cataract on one eye and hopefully this will soon be sorted so that I can tackle the stack of books I have waiting for me.  I love quilting mystery novels and also Jennifer Chiaverini's books about the Elm Creek Quilters.
I belong to several quilting groups, some large and some small.  I prefer the smaller groups, they are so friendly as are all you lovely ladies on this swap group.  I also belong to a couple of other swap groups on the internet and have just finished a blue and cream 9 patch swap which was fun and I hope that I shall have a really nice quilt when I have the last couple of blocks which are due."
Pat, it is lovely to get to know you a bit.  Persevere with your granddaughter and she will probably decide to try quilting at some point - even if it's not until she is in her teens or older.  :) 

Everyone, please stop in and say hello to Pat.


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  1. Hi Pat,
    I enjoyed reading your profile, I was a bit late as I had been a bit busy.
    I have received Hexies from you before, I hope I get to return the favour.


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