Sunday, June 8, 2014

Swapper Profile - Sarah

I`m late, I`m late, For a very important date....  The swapper profile this week is for Sarah Meland, who ....

``is a native Minnesotan who transplanted herself to sunny, warm Arizona 20 years ago.  She currently lives in Mesa with her beagle, Little Ruthann and a cranky 18 year old cat named Frank Borman.``

I guess Frank was too cranky to get his photo taken....

``At 5 years old, Sarah first learned to sew.  Her first project was a purple and white paisley halter top made with the help of her mom.  She was wearing it proudly one day at her grandpa's farm playing with the farmhand's pet raccoon when the raccoon pooped all over the halter top.  She refused to ever wear it again.  But she overcame this early "tragedy" in her sewing life.  LOL``

Sarah`s hourglass quilt

``25 years and a few odd sewing projects later, Sarah took up quilting.  An obsession was born.  Now, two of the three bedrooms in her house are turned over to her art.  She enjoys machine piecing, paper piecing, and needle-turn applique.  Sarah blogs at, though infrequently lately due to work obligations.``

 Sarah`s star quilt

``Sarah thanks everyone in the Inchy Hexagon Flower Swap for their beautiful handwork and generosity in sharing.``

Thank you Sarah, for sharing with us.  It is lovely to get to know more about you.  And your star quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

I hope everyone will stop in and say hello to Sarah...


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  1. Hi Sarah,
    What a great profile,your Quilts look fabulous.
    Thank you again for the beautiful Hexies you sent to me for April.
    Rosalie H.


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