Tuesday, July 29, 2014

June hexies received

Coralie lives just down the coast from me.... well maybe a couple of thousand kilometres down the coast, but I am pretty sure she is the closest inchy hexagon swapper to me.  All this to say that she sent me lovely second round hexies for June.

One set is sewn to its flower...

It is really amazing to me how I have the perfect flowers to go with every set of second round hexies I receive.  This flower was made for me by Grit.

Coralie sent a gorgeous second set of hexies and I have a flower all picked out and ready to sew them to.... but I have lost one of the hexies....  I have shamelessly asked Coralie if she will send me another one...

Here are eleven of them all their prettiness...

And then Coralie sent me another strip to use for a third round of hexies.  I haven't cut into it yet, but here it is in all its beauty...

Thank-you Coralie!  My Grandmother's Flower Garden is inching its way into existence (Ho, ho, I couldn't help it...).



  1. Hi just stopping by from the Sew and Sow farm blog to say hello as part of her giveaway. Extra chance to win a great panel and Aurifil thread. Love Hexies.

  2. Hello, Jan from Sew and Sow Farm sent me over to say Hi! I love hexies but I am a little afraid to start them. You have some great inspiration on you blog! I look forward to visiting again. 😊


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