Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blogger Profile - Irene!!

Irene has written a great blurb about herself... so without any more introduction from me, here she is...

"I am Irene, blogging as Hilachas.  
me.jpgHilachas is the Spanish word for those little loose threads that fall all over the floor and sewing area as you finish sewing and snip the tail end of the thread off the sewn area, also called snippets. I've been blogging at "Hilachas" since October 4, 2010.

I come from a family of seamstresses - my mother, both grandmothers, and my aunts. There was always a dress being sewn or a quilt being quilted everywhere I went. My first adventures with sewing were a home economics class when I was 14 years old. I've been sitting behind a sewing machine or holding a needle in my hand ever since. Through blogs that I follow and my blogging friends,  I learned about and fell in love with English-paper-pieced hexies and that's also how I found the "Inchy-Hexagon Flower Swap."

A little about myself: My husband and I are both retired and living in Texas. Our 3 children all live in different time zones across the United States, daughter in Pacific Time, us in Mountain Time, youngest son in Central Time, and oldest son in Eastern Time. My parents are in their 90s and living in New Mexico 120 miles away so visiting my parents and children occupies much of our time. I've found that while traveling, I accomplish a lot of hand-sewing so manage to get my hexie flowers done.  This is a recent photo of my little 1/2-inch hexies laid out. I figure I'm figure that I've sewed about 1/4 of the flowers I need to make a decent sized quilt, total in photo is 253 hexies.
hexie layout.jpg
With my "Inchy-Hexagon Flower Swap" flowers, I plan to someday finish a quilt from "Friends Around the World" - YOU!

I'm quite domestically inclined. I love to cook and sew while also loving the outdoors and hunting. We have a little ranch in the Texas Hill Country and spend a lot of time there hunting whitetail deer in season (November through January each year) and feral hog hunting all the time.  Feral hogs are considered predators in Texas. They eat baby whitetail deer and compete with whitetail deer for food so they are hunted year round.  Sows can have their first litter (4-16 in number) as early as 6 months of age and can have a litter every six months so, you do the math. 
Here's a photo of me and a feral hog I killed.

That is all."

I'm so happy to have you in this swap Irene!!


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