Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Message for Grit Kovacs

Hello Grit,
I have tried to send you an e-mail but it came back to me undelivered.
Sadly the pretty Hexies you sent me for December did not arrive, the postman delivered an empty envelope, the back flap was not stuck down and the contents gone.
Australia post tried to locate them without success.
I guess they could be anywhere between Germany and Australia.
Please do not feel you need to replace them Grit, I have left the swap now after being in it since 2011.
Your name and country will still be recorded on my Quilt label.
I would also like to thank all the other swap friends who have sent hexes to me over the years, my Quilt is almost finished.
I have loved being in this swap.
Best Wishes to all.
Rosalie Harris


  1. Please remember to post your finished quilt. It will be lovely to see it.

  2. Rosalie, It is sad to see you go. Yes please post a finished or even an in progress picture please.

  3. Dear Rosalie, I answered on your blog. I feel so sorry and I`m so sad.
    Greetings Grit

  4. Rosalie, I am dying to see your finished quilt. Please post a photo.


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