Friday, February 27, 2015

Flowers from Jane

I received these gorgeous flowers from Jane in Indiana, USA. I like that I've chosen surprise flowers each month because I so enjoy seeing what all of you choose to make me. Just look at these! Thanks, Jane.


Hi everyone,

my flowers from Helen in England arrived.
They are wonderful.
Thank you so, so much Helen.

Greetings from Germany

Monday, February 23, 2015

Feb Hexies

Thanks Cindy for your lovely february flowers.

Can you see them stitched into my quilt.- Previous post

All my lovely flowers together

I have had so much fun putting this together
Now to find border fabric

November~From Shannon to Sandra

Sandra these flowers are on there way to you. I hope you like them.

January~From Penny to Shannon

Thank you so much for these flowers I love them!!

January~ From Shannon to karyli

Karyli these flowers are for you. I hope they fit your garden!!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Thank You Debbie in Israel

Thank you Debbie for the beautiful polka-dot hexies. They are beautiful and will add to my garden.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Here's the picture

Putting them all together

Having so much fun sewing my lovely flowers together. Thank you everyone

Show and tell from Jenny

So here is the DIVINE color scheme from Jenny in Australia!  I checked by log-book and I sent Jenny hexies back in October 2014.

Such a cute idea... she sent me extra fabric.... wrapped with a bow for my hexies.  

Thursday, February 19, 2015


A am a bit late sending last months but here they are for Jenny

and for this month these are for Michele

From Irene I received these lovely hexis for January

Thanks to Melody Daly

I am finally cleaning out my craft/sewing room from the holidays. Yes, it was a mess! I know I am very slow in thanking Melody for these beautiful dottie hexies. They will be perfect in my hexie garden! Thank you also Melody for the beautiful polka dot ribbon. How kind!

Christine Holmes your Hexies are in Route!

Christine asked for petals using the red in The French General fabric line by Moda. I did a little google research and within a week had several pieces of The French General fabric in my mail box. The wonders of e-bay! I think it just may be my new favorite fabric. It is beautiful and feels wonderful. I just love a new piece of fabric!!

January Flowers

These are the flowers I sent to Beverly in January..I hope she has received them.

Monday, February 16, 2015

A Belated Thank You . . .

to Shannon W. in Parma, ID, just up the road from me!!

These are my wonderful October, 2014 flowers from Shannon that I just found while cleaning my sewing studio!!

Thank you, Shannon, I LOVE them!!  They are perfect for my little garden!!  

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Flowers for Helen

These February flowers are off to Helen in the UK today. Helen asked for blue or purple prints with a tan or white center. Hope these are exactly what you want.





Friday, February 13, 2015

Hexie flower arrivals this week

This week's mail brought two sets of hexagon flowers!

December's from Mary:

and, January's from Kris:

Great additions to my collection! Thanks!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Back-dating mailing hexies to Joke R ~

My Netherlands hexie friend.    You were not forgotton..... fingers just didn't work worthwhile until now.    So here's a pic that will cheer your day- it's my record keeping log. My system is back underway... Sit, TV or workplace, Stitch, plastic wrap, add something, label then ship it!   I love processes!

It pushes me in a great wonderful way... to add something and then find the postal window open during my lunch or after work...... so give me a week.... and I'll stamp it out to you!

Lots of love..... Have a great day-month-year!   
Pray for our military men and women & President and Congress!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sunflower February Hexies

Many thanks to Vicki for these lovely sunflower hexies and gift card.

Vicki also sent a small piece of fabric with hexagons on it which I am sure will be used for a forthcoming project.

Happy stitching

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

February Hexie Flowers

These are the flowers I posted off to my February partner.

Thank you Dorrit

My flowers from my January swap partner arrived today and Dorrit really spoilt me and sent four flowers. They are lovely and I am very grateful.  They will be perfect in my Flower Garden.

February Hexies for Shannon

Hi Shannon

Here's a sneak peak of your hexies for February 2015.
They're on their way today.

Happy stitching

December~From Dorrit to Shannon

Dorrit, Thank you for the flowers. I love the orange one!!

November~From Jane to Shannon

Jane, These are wonderful flowers. Thank you so much!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hexies from Penny

Penny sent me two sets of second round hexies in December.  But there was a problem.  When I tried to sew the hexies on to their chosen flowers they were just too small.  I was in touch with Penny and she explained that she had downloaded the hexie templates and had hit "fit to page" instead of "actual size" and never realized the templates weren't the right size.  Of course, she felt very badly about her mistake.  But never fear Penny!!

I was determined to use the lovely hexies that she had sent.  One set is a directional print in orange, pink, green and white.  The other is hot pink with neon yellow dots.  I love bright colours.

So I took the hexies apart to rebaste them on to new papers.  The directional print ones worked fine and here is the exciting flower they created.

When I went to resew the hot pink hexies I realized there was another problem.  Penny had used a narrow hem on the hexies and there were a few that just wouldn't fit on the slightly bigger hexie papers.  But I was determined to use the fabric because I love it!!  So I decided to play with the techniques I had seen on Wendy's blog.  And this is what I came up with.

Isn't she a beauty?!!  She is definitely going to be a diva in my garden.

I don't usually baste through the hexie papers but I had to with these ones due to the extra bulk in the seams.

I want Penny to know that this isn't the first time that I have had to resew items from my swap partners because they are the wrong size.  I have take apart and put back together a few hexie flowers because they were too small.  And I have one waiting to be redone because it is too large.  Fabric has a lot of give and if there are very small discrepancies in size the hexies can be stretched or scrunched together to make them fit.  But sometimes they just have to be redone.  So make sure you are using hexie papers with 1 inch sides!!


Sunday, February 8, 2015

My February flowers for Geraldine in England on the way. I hope you like them.

Grit from Germany

My January flowers for Michele BaDour on the way. I hope you like them.

Grit from Germany

Thursday, February 5, 2015

February flowers posted to Simone

Simone, your flowers are on their way to you, I hope they suit your flower Garden


Pardon Me.

Dear Friends,
Some how in the craziness of life I neglected making my hexies. Let's blame it on the holidays, a new grandbaby many visitors, meals, parties etc. I'm sure it is a life much like yours. We are all busy. So I will make no more excuses and let you know that I am almost caught up! Sorry I didn't take photos of the 'to be mailed' hexies.
I have resolved to be better with my commitments! So---In catching up I have sent:
October's to Maggie Fellow in Indiana--civil war fabrics with cream centers.
November's were just sent to Lynette Peters in Australia--bright petals, spotted centers
December's were just sent to Marie Christensen in Denmark--Lilac or dark red petals and centers
January's were just sent to Maree Graff in Australia--soft/antique pink cream to tan centers
I just ordered some fabric for my February Friend, Christine Holmes in Australia--she would like patterned red petals--French red from French General By Moda, centers are cream or tan with a light pattern. I wasn't familiar with this brand of fabric--thanks to google I fond many suitable cuts. They will be here within the week and hopefully in the mail the following weekend.
I hope they arrive in a timely manner. Thank you my friends for your patiencs.

Thank You Kris Young!

What a wonderful surprise in my mailbox today! Thank you Kris from Logan Utah. Beautiful hexies and some fun new fabric. It's my lucky day.

Some inspirational hexie making

Hey everyone,  Check out the interesting things that Karen does with her hexie flowers.


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

January Flowers from Alana

Thank you Alana for my January Flowers - these arrived promptly at the beginning of January however it has taken me this long to post about them.

They have made a great start to my flower garden.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Participation and commitments

Thought I'd post an update on my participation.

I joined the Hexagon Swap this past June. For five months I was having a ball participating and receiving the wonderful flowers in my favorite colors. Also, I enjoy the challenge of making flowers in fabrics that I normally wouldn't use for them.

Then it turned into a disappointment. I have not received any flowers for November or December and I did not receive acknowledgement of the ones that I sent to others for November and December. Not via email nor that I noticed posted to the blog.

I know that Kris sent out the January flowers, she showed a sneak peek a few days ago. Very mysterious! :) Looking forward to their arrival.

I sent Krystyna's January flowers over a week ago, so she should be getting them soon.

Cindy's February flowers are in the envelope already, nice and early. Polka dots are fun!

Debbie M.

Sneak peek for Irene

Just a sneek peek for Irene for Feb Hexies :0)

Jane K

Flowers from Michele

Thank you Michele for the pretty flowers,  They go very well with the other flowers in  my garden!

Jane K

Flowers from Alana

Thank You Alana for the beautiful flowers!! I went to send you an email response and it failed two times. Is your correct email address posted on the list?
Anyway they are gorgeous and different, Thank you!

Jane K