Monday, February 9, 2015

Hexies from Penny

Penny sent me two sets of second round hexies in December.  But there was a problem.  When I tried to sew the hexies on to their chosen flowers they were just too small.  I was in touch with Penny and she explained that she had downloaded the hexie templates and had hit "fit to page" instead of "actual size" and never realized the templates weren't the right size.  Of course, she felt very badly about her mistake.  But never fear Penny!!

I was determined to use the lovely hexies that she had sent.  One set is a directional print in orange, pink, green and white.  The other is hot pink with neon yellow dots.  I love bright colours.

So I took the hexies apart to rebaste them on to new papers.  The directional print ones worked fine and here is the exciting flower they created.

When I went to resew the hot pink hexies I realized there was another problem.  Penny had used a narrow hem on the hexies and there were a few that just wouldn't fit on the slightly bigger hexie papers.  But I was determined to use the fabric because I love it!!  So I decided to play with the techniques I had seen on Wendy's blog.  And this is what I came up with.

Isn't she a beauty?!!  She is definitely going to be a diva in my garden.

I don't usually baste through the hexie papers but I had to with these ones due to the extra bulk in the seams.

I want Penny to know that this isn't the first time that I have had to resew items from my swap partners because they are the wrong size.  I have take apart and put back together a few hexie flowers because they were too small.  And I have one waiting to be redone because it is too large.  Fabric has a lot of give and if there are very small discrepancies in size the hexies can be stretched or scrunched together to make them fit.  But sometimes they just have to be redone.  So make sure you are using hexie papers with 1 inch sides!!



  1. It's cool how you solved all the problems, Janet! I follow the Faeries and Fibres blog, too. So much eye candy there!

  2. I'm glad that all worked out. Beautiful end results.


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