Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pardon Me.

Dear Friends,
Some how in the craziness of life I neglected making my hexies. Let's blame it on the holidays, a new grandbaby many visitors, meals, parties etc. I'm sure it is a life much like yours. We are all busy. So I will make no more excuses and let you know that I am almost caught up! Sorry I didn't take photos of the 'to be mailed' hexies.
I have resolved to be better with my commitments! So---In catching up I have sent:
October's to Maggie Fellow in Indiana--civil war fabrics with cream centers.
November's were just sent to Lynette Peters in Australia--bright petals, spotted centers
December's were just sent to Marie Christensen in Denmark--Lilac or dark red petals and centers
January's were just sent to Maree Graff in Australia--soft/antique pink cream to tan centers
I just ordered some fabric for my February Friend, Christine Holmes in Australia--she would like patterned red petals--French red from French General By Moda, centers are cream or tan with a light pattern. I wasn't familiar with this brand of fabric--thanks to google I fond many suitable cuts. They will be here within the week and hopefully in the mail the following weekend.
I hope they arrive in a timely manner. Thank you my friends for your patiencs.


  1. Oh, Cindy, I pledge to keep your resolve with you!! :-)

  2. Sounds like you've been really busy, Cindy. Thanks for letting everyone know that flowerrs are on their way!

  3. Doesn't it feel great to be caught up!!

  4. Yes and No to feeling bad - Cindy. I'm a late catcher-upper. Not matter what the reasons.... I always keep my list w/name and addresses. Like yourself---2015 will have me sending out the last 4-5 months! But I love this swap... and will not leave. Thanks to all for patience!


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