Monday, April 6, 2015

Oh, I just Hate It . . .

when I let life get in the way of my love for quilting and everything that goes along with it!!

I finished my 2 flowers for Grit K. in Germany the first few days of March, but I kept them so I could show them at the March Guild meeting because the March Challenge was making Hexie Flowers.  I put them back in the box that night and forgot about them until I got Irene's email for the April flowers.

Here is a sneekie peek at Grit's flowers ~

Grit, they are going in the mail tomorrow morning and I am sorry they are late!!


  1. All's well that ends well. I'm glad you found them and got those beautiful Delft-looking blue flowers off to Joke.

  2. Well I'm confused about who they are for but whoever it is will love them I'm sure. Beautiful blues!

  3. LOL, Janet!! I was confused too, but they are for Grit, not Joke!! Irene and I traded.


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