Saturday, November 7, 2015

Hexie Flowers From Far Away

We've been traveling but when we got home, I found these gorgeous flowers waiting for me in our mailbox:

These hexie flowers came to Texas all the way from my September partner,Michele in Wisconsin, USA.

I think they're so pretty and love the contrast in the two. One flower in those beautiful browns and the other with its sunshiney center and the little confetti-looking print. Thanks, Michele.

And then there was another envelope which came to Texas from further away. Here are these lovely flowers from Sara in the UK, my October partner.

What a coincidence, another lovely brown and 2 sunshiney yellow centers PLUS another flower with a confetti-looking print. I love the colors you chose for me. Thanks, Sara.

I'm off now to do my own sewing.

That is all.






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