Saturday, January 2, 2016

Best wishes for all the best in 2016.

This month we welcome two new swappers:
Ruth Bryan joins us from Australia and Susan  Arena joins us from South Carolina, USA.  Sadly we’re saying good-by to Chris O’Donnell, a fairly new swapper who was unhappy because she had not received flowers or communication from senders. Please, let’s remember to be prompt sending flowers or letting the person we’re sending to, that the flowers will be late and when to expect them.

Just wondering, do most members  have a Facebook account. I’m thinking that it may be easier to post our flowers on facebook since some seem to have a problem posting to the blog or do not have a blog. If Facebook would be easier to use, I can set up a page for us. Please just send me a quick email letting me know if you have Facebook or not. It’s really easy to set up a Facebook account, much easier than the blog so let me know. Thanks.

The January 2016 lists have been sent by email. Please let me know if you find any problem.
Happy Sewing,


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